Going Viral: Brothers Get Accepted Into Harvard And Stanford

Going Viral: Brothers Get Accepted Into Harvard And Stanford

More than 8 million internet users witnessed two brothers get accepted into their dream schools on full scholarships. After the video went viral, TV host Ellen DeGeneres made sure to share their story on national TV on The Ellen Show.

Ayrton and Alex Little’s stories are living proof that you can achieve big dreams despite big setbacks. The two brothers were raised by a single mother on the verge of living homeless every day. Their mother made sure that even with their challenging living conditions, her boys achieved the best grades in their class.

Alex Little, 18, will be attending Stanford University. He mentioned that he gravitated to Stanford due to the tech opportunities and proximity to Silicon Valley. He would like to gain experience working for a company like Google or Tesla and eventually have his own nonprofit organization. His idea is to give back to the youth who could use the extra resources to strive in the tech world.

Harvard and Stanford

The idea perhaps influenced Alex’s little brother Aryton, 16. Aryton got a full ride to Harvard and hopes to land a job on Wall Street. Eventually, he wants to start his own nonprofit organization too. He envisions helping families who have struggled just like his own.

We wish all the best to these two as they endeavor on remarkable accomplishments.