How The Digital Transformation Is Changing Businesses In Botswana

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digital transformation
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Digital transformation and emerging technologies have been generating significant interest in Africa recently. Public and private sector organizations are finding the promises of job creation and economic growth difficult to ignore. But what are the possibilities for the Botswanan government and companies to embracing digital initiatives?

With internet penetration in the country growing and mobile technologies rapidly being deployed, Botswana is mirroring what is happening in other leading African markets. A growing awareness of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain benefits will transform government services and companies across all industries, creating innovative opportunities and new jobs.

Story from IT News Africa.  Story by Ricardo Flores.

Some governments have struggled with agility and speed on their digital initiatives but have continued to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution with several initiatives being rolled out to deliver e-services to citizens. And even though the merits of things like telemedicine, e-learning or cloud have long been touted, it is only now that the technology is starting to affect meaningful change in the country.

Digital transformation has moved beyond just referring to accessing the internet or conducting transactions online. It is now a fundamental element of doing business whether you are in government, running a multinational organisation, or just launched a start-up. Even consumers have a better understanding of digital, thanks to the pervasiveness of social networking, music and video streaming services, and instant communication platforms.

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