Africa Internet Holding Launches Online Booking Service Jovago

Africa Internet Holding Launches Online Booking Service Jovago

Africa Internet Holding, in a joint venture with startup incubator company Rocket Internet, has taken the plunge into hotel websites with the launch of Jovago: an online hotel booking site headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Run by a team of 50 people, Jovago provides extensive — and free — information to its users about some 140,000 hotels around the world, including over 200 hotels in Nigeria, according to AIH CEO Jeremy Hodara.

“African Internet Holding is an active contributor to the acceleration of the African online culture. As a holding company of online ventures across the continent, we employ more than 1,500 people in nine African countries. Currently we are witnessing an amazing development in Africa,” Hodara explained.

“So far, the Nigerian and African hotel market has not been shaped yet. It lacks in information supply and it doesn’t respond to the increasing demand of business or leisure travelers searching for online bookings. By launching Jovago we have decided to meet and fulfill these needs.”

Hodara added the service provides the easiest way to make travel arrangements, helping business people and travelers find reliable accommodations anywhere. To access the service a customer needs to simply sign up for an account and book a room.

“He or she will be introduced to the most comfortable user experience,” he said. “The booking is simple and intuitive as it only takes a few clicks. You will discover the widest range of available African hotels — all verified by the Jovago team. You can choose between prepayment, which means paying online in advance with a credit card and getting discounts, or post-payment, with the possibility to pay for the room after arriving at the hotel. Jovago delivers the easiest way to book a hotel, no matter where you want to stay.”

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Hodara maintained what sets Jovago apart from its competition is AIH’s online marketing experience — honed over the last 10 years while building more than 100 online ventures all over the world.

“We are very strong at local execution. Thus, we have proven by developing successful African companies such as Jumia, Africa’s leading online retailer; Kaymu, an online marketplace; and hellofood – an online food delivery service,” Hodara said. For Jovago, we visit every partner hotel personally to provide the customers with the best, independent and honest information about the standard.”