By End Of 2019, Uganda Expects 100% Cellular Coverage

Written by Ann Brown


 mobile phone coverage
(Photo: AP)


The head of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) says the country should have 100% mobile phone coverage by the end of 2019.

Godfrey Mutabazi told The Daily Monitor that he expects national roaming to be implemented next year to ensure that users retain coverage even in areas where their own network provider has not yet reached.

From IT News Africa.

Mutabazi also added that a new licensing regime will call for service providers to offer a minimum of 3G connectivity to every parish in the country, while 4G services are also expected to be expanded out from the main urban centres.

‘In the next six to twelve months, all telecoms [operators] will [have upgraded to] 4G access. We shall have national roaming and deploy more base stations in each parish. With the new [licensing regime], each parish should at least have a minimum of 3G access,’ Mutabazi concluded.

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