Angela Benton Launches Angela Benton Inc

Angela Benton
Written by Angela Benton


When I got the all-clear from my oncologist in the fall of 2016 that I was cancer-free, I had to regroup.

I had so many questions after facing what can be a terminal disease for so many. What did I want to do with my life? What was my real purpose? And, most importantly — a question that we all overlook and take for granted: How was I going to spend the time that I had left?

I’ll admit, even though I had accomplished so much up to that point, it felt like I was starting over. Through my cancer experience, I had gained so much perspective on life, new hobbies, and new ways of living like veganism. Having a successful life no longer meant just doing well in business. I wanted to be deliberate and mindful about building a new life, post-cancer… a new me if you will.

If you follow me on social media you’ve probably noticed me experimenting with all different types of projects. I wanted to give myself time to actually experiment and have fun with life. So much of my time had been spent on being a mom, or completely driven on whichever company I was focusing on at the time, or taking care of myself through cancer treatments. I wanted to experiment and have fun… after all, that’s what life is actually about.

While I was still shaping this new life, I formed a new company that many of these projects fell under. Though early on I still didn’t know exactly what this company would be, I did know that I needed an entity separate from the others that was completely for me and in support of my interests. Now, on the other side of it all and with full clarity I’m ready to formally introduce Angela Benton Inc.

Simply put, AB Inc inspires positive growth in business and in life.

And, it is a reminder to bet on yourself. When I look back at all that I’ve produced over the past 2 years I can say, from my heart, that that has been the common thread and goal throughout all of my projects and will continue to be.

Whether it was publishing my first book REVIVAL; commissioning the artwork for the cover and documenting that process; traveling to Africa and sharing my journey; or, my new event series In the Black. I’m doing it from a place where I feel stories or information need to be shared. And, to be honest, we all deserve to have the information and resources that support us living a complete life well lived.

Here’s what you can expect to see from me at AB Inc:

  • High-quality, short- and long-form video around my life experiences;
  • Direct investments into companies and products that are in alignment with my beliefs;
  • Books, think pieces, and talks/keynotes around my area of expertise;
  • Strategic collaborations with brands that can positively impact our lives;
  • Events series that support your growth in life; and,
  • Anything else that I think is worth exploring.

I’ll also be using this new company as a hub to make announcements of new things that I’m working on. I have some major announcements in the works that I literally cannot wait to share.

I know it’s been a long time. Some of you have been following me and my career since I was just 26 years old and I won’t ever be able to craft the perfect set of words to express my gratitude. It’s been an exciting 11 years but I can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store.

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