10 Digital Startups Helping Africans Find Affordable Health Insurance And Care

Written by Peter Pedroncelli
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Health insurance is not a common feature in the lives of many Africans, but a handful of digital startups are attempting to change that reality.

From Tanzanian micro-health products focused on the informal sector, to startups catering for the underserved communities in Zimbabwe and an online comparison platform in South Africa that gives the user the ability to find the best health insurance options available for their specific circumstances, companies are getting into the health insurance and care space across Africa.

Africa’s middle class has more than tripled over the past 30 years, and this trend bodes well for the health insurance industry in Africa, which is set to continue growing to keep up with increasing demand, according to Fin24.

Here are 10 digital startups that are helping Africans to find affordable health insurance.


Jamii from Edgepoint Digital provides a micro-health insurance product for the informal sector, using modern tech to reduce insurance costs and provide affordable products for those earning less than $50 per month. The Tanzanian startup has received previous funding from The Gates Foundation and Barclays Africa, according to DisruptAfrica.

Get Health

Get Health is a South African startup that aims to make private sector quality healthcare more accessible to more people across South Africa than the 20 percent who currently pay high prices to access private healthcare. This is done using a unique delivery model through the startup’s growing network of clinics, on a fee for service basis, according to SMESouthAfrica.

Wellnescript Solutions

Wellnescript Solutions is a wellness and digital health startup that empowers individuals, families, companies and communities in Zimbabwe and beyond to better manage their health. Wellnescript uses digital platforms to provide connected, data driven and affordable solutions for wellness and care coordination for non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.


Hippo is a South African online comparison tool which gives users the ability to input some basic information about their age, family members and requirements, before the platform searches through a database of available options to provide a list of health insurance quotes that best suits their circumstances. Hippo also provides comparison tools for funeral policies, car and household insurance.


AFYA MED is a Ghanaian mobile micro-health insurance product that is designed to support the poor and informal sector population in the country. The platform provides a completely paperless service through the user’s mobile phone, with all aspects of the health insurance process completed electronically, enhancing customer experience and reducing costs within the value chain.

health insurance
Startups in Africa are boosting the health insurance market across the continent. Photo – AP – Youssouf Bah

Infomed Healthcare

Infomed is an Egyptian digital solution born out of a need to improve the situation surrounding issues with people finding the right doctor to help them. Infomed manages the healthcare needs of individuals instead of a typical family doctor through a set of tools that assist with routine health checks, give access to doctors via a dedicated hotline and manage their electronic medical record.


MobiSure is a Kenyan mobile medical insurance that is designed with the poor in mind. Families and individuals have the ability to buy insurance for as little a time frame as one single day. The startup aims to partner with small private hospitals, clinics and bigger hospital chains, according to VC4A.


Sagitarix is the Kenyan healthtech startup behind a mobile health information exchange called iSikCure which let’s users access quality medicine at the most affordable rates thanks to an innovative integration with digital prescriptions from providers.


Created out of a need to provide quality, accessible and affordable healthcare in underserved areas of Zimbabwe, and the continuing threat of chronic infections such as TB, HIV and malaria in Africa, Futuremed aims to bring healthcare to these areas using technology to diagnose, treat and monitor patients, according to Seedstars.


Ugandan tech startup Teheca is an online source for Ugandans to find the best healthcare workers or caregivers for their sick loved ones, the elderly or new mothers, providing patient-focused care for those who need it most. The startup also provides a bag for new mothers containing useful essentials.