10 Software Development Startups Dedicated To Solving African Problems

Written by Peter Pedroncelli

African software development startups are coming to the fore across the continent with solutions to Africa’s problems.

These firms develop software solutions that aim to improve everything from education, governance and healthcare.

Some software developers are dedicated to improving access to markets for smallholder farmers, while others aim to provide business software that will empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

Here are 10 software development startups that are solving African problems.


Akorion is a Ugandan company which develops software that integrates smallholder farmers into digital value chains, helping them to sell their farming products directly to agribusinesses. This enables more farming trade and gives the farmers more money and control over the process of selling their goods.

Instituto de Tecnologias, Inovacao e Servicos

Mozambican firm Instituto de Tecnologias, Inovacao e Servicos is a software development startup that aims to positively impact the country. The firm creates technology and software solutions that improve education, e-government and entrepreneurship development in Mozambique, according to LionessesofAfrica.

Appenberg Digital Publishing

Appenberg is a South African startup focused on transforming society through software and IT solutions that are developed with input from industry and communities. Established in November 2014, Appenberg has made it possible for publishers of medical information to make their content available via mobile apps.

Khanyisa Real Systems

Female-founded software development company Khanyisa Real Systems is South African entrepreneur Lorraine Steyn’s effort to improve the world one software solution at a time. The company actively seeks out projects in which they will be able to make a positive impact on people and businesses.

African Digital Native

African Digital Native is an IT consulting company in Senegal that specializes in data analytics and focuses on providing business analytics solutions for their clients. This is especially useful in a business environment where those skills are lacking, as this empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs to create and sustain businesses.

Software development startups
Software development startups are contributing solutions to some of Africa’s problems. Photo – Flickr


Nigerian cloud accounting platform, Accounteer, offers accounting and payroll management software that is specifically developed with the needs of African small and medium businesses in mind. The startup recently won the inaugural MEST Africa Challenge organized by the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, a training program, seed fund and Africa’s largest tech incubator based in Ghana.


ClaimSync provides end-to-end claims processing software solutions that allow healthcare facilities all over the world to automate patients’ medical records and process records electronically. Claimsync’s solutions allow healthcare providers to easily prepare medical claims and send them electronically to insurance companies.

XTech Cloud

XTech Cloud is a Cote D’Ivoirian company that helps businesses manage online processes such as fleets, enterprise resource planning, connected objects and notifications. The company has already worked with mobile operator Orange, and U.S. technology firms Cisco and Microsoft.


Tanzanian cloud enterprise software solutions firm Rasello provides products across unified enterprise communication, big data analytics and business intelligence platforms that addresses the problem of enterprises having isolated channels for communication to keep their customers engaged and informed.

Riby Finance

Riby Finance is a Nigerian startup that provides digital transaction software that enables cooperatives, associations and trade groups to automate and manage their financial transactions, assisting businesses to become digital transactors, saving time, money and effort.