Tech Hub Opens In Ethiopia And It’s Looking For Investment

Written by Staff


(Photo: flickr)


There’s a wave of artificial intelligence sweeping through Ethiopia and, it’s causing excitement among futurists in Sheba Valley – the leading hub for AI technology on the continent.

On her journey through the Horn of Africa, Africa Connected’s Lee Kasumba sits down with iCog Labs’ Getnet Assefa – the founder of the first artificial intelligence lab in Ethiopia to discuss his vision.

Cluttered with the makings of what could be Ethiopia’s high-tech workforce – iCog Labs is not exactly the famine-stricken Ethiopia that exist in the minds of Westerners.

Story from Eyewitness News. Story by Zaakirah  Rossier.

We must use advanced technology to solve African problems, radically.

In fact, the prototype of the world’s first (and, most famous) robot citizen, Sophia – was partly developed in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa before it was released to Hong Kong-based, Hanson Robotics.

Driven by its founder’s passion, the start-up is determined to use cutting-edge technology to solve the world’s day-to-day problems. But, like most start-ups within emerging countries, iCog Labs has received little support from its government as well as, potential investors.

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