What Are The Best Upcoming Cryptocurrency ICOs?

What Are The Best Upcoming Cryptocurrency ICOs?

What are the best upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs?

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Answers by Liz Shell, Jonny Dee, Joel McLeod, Hamerton Bruce and Dror Kris.

Liz Shell, Founder at Just Juniper Media (2016-present)

Answered Wednesday

My team is currently working with two ICOs that I believe are quite promising.

VOLT Technology’s final ICO sale kicks off May 18 and comes with 20% in bonus tokens. This ICO is being led by Philip Lee, who lead the QuickQuick team – ‘The Uber of Korea’ – and is looking to now decrease emissions, improve air quality, lower prices and improve wages for messengers by revolutionizing our delivery systems using blockchain and AI.

Be aware, though! Their first two ICO sales both sold out in less than 5 minutes.

You can check out the project and prepare for the next sale at VOLT.

The second ICO my team is working with are ready to improve the property-sharing industry using blockchain to schedule stays and eliminate the possibility of double bookings. On top of this, OkeyDokey plans to eliminate the need for hosts to physically meet their guests through the use of smart locks. This will make property sharing increasingly simple for hosts, allowing property-owners to manage their bookings while they’re away on their own holidays.

Jonny Dee, Social Media Manager/Freelancer

Answered April 2

Be very wary about taking advice solely from Quora in regards to which ICO to invest in.

I suggest to everyone the best way (is) to get hold of some small amount of crypto through free ways while working out how the ecosystem works. I don’t think it is a smart move to invest any capital into an area that you do not understand or understand the value in. Cryptocurrencies do have value, but you need to understand it.

One of the great things of the crypto scene is that you can earn some cryptocurrencies through numerous ways that are free and less risky. I would always advise this to anyone who wants to get involved in cryptocurrency before they put ANY cash into cryptocurrency.

One great platform that I recommend is Crowdholding. There you can log onto their platform, give feedback to businesses and you receive crypto for your responses. The better the response, the more of the share you get. It is completely free and allows you to explore the crypto world without investing into it. I have also attached an article from them which has numerous ways on how to get into cryptocurrency without investing or buying hardware/learning how to mine.

How to earn Cryptocurrency without Investing or Mining

Once you have more knowledge in the crypto sphere, then maybe consider investing. People are too quick to just invest into an ICO and expect 100% ROI without even researching. You wouldn’t invest into any other ecosystem without the knowledge so why is cryptocurrencies different?

One great forum that is very active in all things crypto is Bitcoin Forum Index. It is a great forum where people are asking questions. You can ask on ICO threads and learn so much in a small time.

Good luck, know the facts before making the move 😉

Joel McLeod, Founder (2017-present)

Answered March 11

2018 is an exciting time for cryptocurrency as there many quality ICO projects with innovational concepts utilizing blockchain technology. Many of these will change the way in which we interact, how we pay with and use our money as well as increasing opportunities for profit and reward via cryptocurrency. At icoSource we see hundreds of ICOs who wish to present their project to our users and their potential investors via our platform. While we only list quality projects, these are some of the standouts we have listed right now:

Sharpay is the share and multi-share button for sites with blockchain-based rewards for content promotion for users.
Belmopan, Belise

Faceter is a video surveillance and security platform based on artificial vision technology and an approach that involves analyzing the chain of events happening in the frame and responding to them.
Cape Town, South Africa

BitRewards is one of the first blockchain movers in a +$100 billion industry of loyalty software, points, miles, stamps, bonuses and gift cards.
New York, USA

AirPod Sleeping Pod is a private “capsule style” unit designed to be installed in public spaces such are: airports, hotels, railway & bus stations, shopping centres and offices. It is an ideal solution for people who are seeking an area to relax, sleep, work, or have fun in privacy, while still in a public place.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sapien – Web 3.0 Social News Platform that rewards millions of content creators, fights fake news & shares ad revenue with users.
Fremont, California

Concierge is a travel booking marketplace with 0% commission fees using the NEO Blockchain.
London, UK

Shping is a shopper-marketing platform that enables brands and retailers to reward shoppers with crypto for their actions and choices in store
Melbourne, Australia

MeetnGreetMe is a global platform for delivering personalized travel services from locals to travelers.
Minsk, Belarus

Signals: Data science marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning, crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing power.
Prague, Czech Republic

KickCity is a Y Combinator startup school alumnus and one of the companies leading innovation in the $40B event marketing industry using blockchain technology.
Houston, USA

To see more ICO projects you can go to icoSource | ICO List, Upcoming ICOs and Cryptocurrency Token Sales for an extensive global list.

Hamerton Bruce

In the current market, I would suggest investing in Litecoin.

Let us first understand the Litecoin, what is Litecoin?

Litecoin (abbreviation: LTC), it is a peer-to-peer technology network currency, It is also an open resource software project under the MIT/X11 license. It can help users pay in time to anyone in the world instantly. Litecoin has been inspired by bitcoin and has the same technical realization.

What are the characteristics of Litecoin?

1. Litecoin can provide faster confirmation transactions

The Litecoin network can process a block every 2.5 minutes, so it can provide faster transactions. Litecoin is similar to status coin, they are all issued in large numbers.

2. Liccoin produces a lot of money

The Litecoin network is expected to produce 84 million Litecoins, which is more than four times that of the bitcoin network.

3. Litecoin mining easier

Each Litecoin is divided into 100,000,000 smaller units.

Buying Litecoin in 2018 is really a very good investment. Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin is also a digital cryptocurrency platform that is used to make online transactions between two individuals without any third party involvement. Litecoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency, or its also called peer-to-peer network.

Dror Kris, Content Marketer at MaxData (2017-present)

Answered Feb. 5

There are 3 main questions you should be asking when trying to assess which ICO will succeed:

1) Does their product/service offer concrete, real-world benefits?

2) What is the size of the market they wish to reach?

2) Do they have a team with the know-how and connections to make their vision a reality?

Check out the ICO I work for:

Our company (MaxData.io) is developing a platform that facilitates direct connections between businesses and consumers. What is great about this structure is that it can drastically transform business as we know it, as companies can perfect their targeting (essentially, identifying the specific customers themselves) while not having to spend exorbitant expenses on cluttered, bulky marketing processes. This provides a cheaper solution for consumers and businesses worldwide.

Additionally, our team is quite well experienced in the financial and marketing worlds, with our CEO a regular participant in government regulatory committee meetings.

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