How Technology Is Leading The Future Of Healthcare In Africa

Written by Staff

Technology is shaping the way we experience healthcare. From electronic medical records and patient self-tracking to informatics and minimally invasive procedures, healthcare is getting more and more high-tech… and nurses in Africa are at the forefront of using innovative solutions to improve patient care. 

According to Professor Sharon Brownie, Dean of the School of Nursing & Midwifery, East Africa at the Aga Khan University, their curricula has been updated to include content about Information Technology and health informatics (acquiring, storing, retrieving and using of healthcare information to foster better collaboration among a patient’s various healthcare providers). 


Brownie, who will be sharing her insights at Africa Health, explains that the training that nurses receive nowadays includes: “How to work with electronic patient record and management systems including electronic patient booking systems; notification of lab results; health information messaging platforms; population health databases such as those for breast screening, vaccination, notifiable diseases; and, use of everyday platforms, like Whatsapp, for patient communication and patient education.” 

The integration of technology within the sector has become a priority for most governments. In South Africa, for example, the Department of Health has created a policy document outlining an ‘eHealth Strategy’ focused on improving patient information and technology systems.