Why People Are Raving About The Second Season of ‘Dear White People’

Written by Ann Brown

Fans are talking. Critics are showering raves. It seems most people have fallen in love with the second season of the Netflix series, “Dear White People.” In fact, most reviewers agree the series has “found itself” this season.

“Just as the first season of ‘Dear White People’ enriched the world-first, introduced in Simien’s eponymous 2014 film, in its second season, ‘Dear White People’ has further found its groove—filling in the gaps and deepening the shallower aspects of its already notable first season,” Vanity Fair reported.

Creator Justin Simien delved deeper into the main characters, especially the relationship of Sam and Joelle. He tackles such heavy issues as colorism in his trademaker stylish way. And along the way the season holds many surprises and plot twists.  “Perhaps best of all, Season 2 shades in some of Season 1’s more two-dimensional characters and adds more nuance even to well-established characters like Sam. That extra attention is especially welcome when it comes to Joelle, played by Ashley Blaine Featherson. By dialing up Joelle’s presence throughout the season, “Dear White People” can explore Sam’s blind spots,” Vanity Fair reported.

And the show’s deeper direction has impressed viewers and the industry. “It’s as emotionally resonant as it is funny, and as sharp as it is stylish. It’s as adept at absorbing and quietly reflecting our media landscape and habits as it is at lampooning them,” Vanity Fair raved.

Simien explained to Vanity Fair: “We’ve always thought of Sam as teetering on the edge between being completely lost in her persona and finding a balance; that’s kind of her struggle throughout the movie and the series. How do you both fight against oppression but not get so sucked into that fight that all you are is the fight?” It’s a question that will likely take her years to answer, if she ever finds one at all—but if ‘Dear White People’ can keep up this streak, her journey will be beautifully rendered along the way.”

So with Season 2 considered a hit already, what’s next for the show if it goes into Season 3?

“All I’ll say is we have an idea of where the story is going, but just like with last season, life comes at you fast and could take us in directions that we find more interesting,” Simien told Vulture. “I’ll also tell you that there’s a lot of stuff that we planted in Season 1 that we haven’t paid off yet, and you probably won’t figure out what I mean by that until we do pay it off. We’re always trying to open doors that lead to interesting spaces. That is our mantra in the (writers) room, because it is an expansive universe.”

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash