Disruptive Trends To Watch In Digital Culture In Mid-Q2 2018

Written by Lauren DeLisa Coleman

As we move even into Q2 of 2018, cultural trend analysis will become even more important to everyone because we are in the midst of major value and sentiment paradigm shifts.

Connecting will be paramount. To do so will require understanding the mindset, motivations, fears, and goals of society.

Here are my picks for key areas and insights that I will be tracking this year and breaking down via periodic updates.


Celebrities now wield power over social media stocks with a single post, from Kylie Jenner’s yawn over Snapchat to Rihanna’s more recent swipe at the social network giant. Business outlets remark about the negative impact reactions such notables have on the stock. Celebrities will be the megaphone for many cultural trends that will catch some in their ivory towers off guard.

Your play: Consider whether what celebrities say is actually true or not. Keep an ear to the ground so that you see simply what celebs who have a large megaphone amplify, not what they create or define. Watch for new ways companies may try to create ambassadors to develop greater outreach and relations from tech companies, and particularly social media giants.

disruptive trends to watch in digital culture
Instagram Yara Shahidi

State of race

While few acknowledge it, an African-American female — Naomi Wadler — and Latina Emma Gonzalez stole the show at the recent March For Our Lives rally for gun control in Washington, D.C., bringing true voice to the voiceless. We are entering a time of new power and influence where the emboldened overturn the reigns of power of old via provocation and innovation. I spoke about this and other trends to watch at a recent conference.

Your play: Watch for Gen Z — an even bigger and more diverse demo then millennials — to fully complete the repositioning of culture. Prep now by studying their values in an organic way.

Millennial mashup

TF, AF. The shortening of such colloquial emphasis is growing even more among this demographic. Between this and an interplay of emojis, under-the-radar speak is indicative of influencers.

Your play: Either grab a translator or become more deeply entrenched in the actual demo itself, but whatever you do, don’t apply to advertisements and the like because the power will fade before it sees the light of day. That’s how fast the world is moving.

Next in tech

Saw the Obama fake video? If not you are missing state-of-the-art AI that is only the tip of the iceberg for what is to come. This is known as “deep fakes.“ AI will be the next technology to be even more deeply scrutinized. Fake videos enabled by AI will begin to create unsettling situations and questions as more are released into the culture.

Your play: Arm your own videos with blockchain. When watching videos created by others, take with a grain of salt until several have a proven their validity.


Two words for you: Cambridge Analytica.

Your play: Watch for additional concerns as the fallout from this Facebook scandal creates untold ripple effects.

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