African Tech Leaders Take A Look At The State Of Digital Transformation

African Tech Leaders Take A Look At The State Of Digital Transformation

Africa needs to do more to keep up with global trends in the fourth industrial revolution according business leaders who attended the 2018 “Decoding the DNA of a digital future” event organised by In2IT Technologies in Johannesburg.

In an evaluation of the continent’s ability to respond adequately to digital challenges and opportunities, Edward Agostinho, Consulting Systems Engineer in IOT and Digitalisation at Cisco said Africa is still lagging behind.

From IT Web Africa. Story by Matshelane Mamabolo.

“When we look at the US or even Europe and compare the type of innovative projects in IOT for example, we do not have that rapid force of innovation happening in Africa that we would like to see. In Europe the guys are starting to connect roads by putting sensors in them to understand the conditions on the road. They are putting down infrastructure that is already enabling vehicle-to-vehicle communication. We’ve got a little bit of catching up to do, although there are sectors where we are doing well like mining, where we are leading, but it is not the same in other areas.”

Agostinho recommends a holistic approach if businesses on the continent are to exploit opportunities presented by digital technology. When implementing an IoT solution for example, he suggests partnering with different service providers for better chances of achieving profitable results.

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