Ethiopia’s FDI Grows to $1 Billion

Ethiopia’s FDI Grows to $1 Billion

From All Africa

Japan says the fact that Ethiopia achieves 1 billion dollar Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flow in to the country shows how focused the government is to develop the sector.

This came as the 4th Industry Development Policy Forum was held at Sheraton Addis in the Capital Addis Ababa.

The Forum is intended to solicit views of the public on foreign direct investment performance of the country, and provide the inputs of the discussions to policy makers.

Hiroyuki Kishino, Ambassador of Japan to Addis Ababa, says Ethiopia has given priority to food security, infrastructure development, human resource development and FDI to make significant transformation as part of its 5 year strategic plan.

The Ambassador takes the development of the FDI to show the progress happening saying in just a couple of years Ethiopia’s FDI grows from 300 million dollar to 1 billion dollar, which he labeled as significant upward spiral.

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