Episode 3: Arlan Hamilton On GHOGH, A New Podcast With Jamarlin Martin

Written by Dana Sanchez
Arlan Hamilton
Image: Anita Sanikop/ Moguldom



Arlan Hamilton founded her venture capital fund, Backstage Capital, because she saw women, people of color, and LGBT founders as the biggest opportunities in investment.

That quickly made Hamilton a go-to voice for diversity and inclusion panels, firesides, and talks. Maybe too much so.

I will not do any more diversity and inclusion panels or firesides or talks starting in 2019,” Hamilton said during a GHOGH Podcast — pronounced “Go!” — with Jamarlin Martin. “That’s all I’m invited to. I’m at the end of my bandwidth. How much longer do women of color have to spend all of our time explaining ourselves to other people? When do we get to participate? I’m tired of being wheeled into a place, dumped on stage and (told) ‘You fix it.’ I’m done with that. I’m trying to make some money for me and mine.”

Jamarlin talks to Arlan about controversial names in the Silicon Valley establishment such as Doerr, Moritz, Zuckerberg, Sandberg, and Andreessen. They also discuss Tamika Mallory attending Saviours’ Day with Louis Farrakhan.

Digital media pioneer Jamarlin Martin launched the GHOGH Podcast Franchise — Go Hard Or Go Home — at SXSW 2018, aimed at multicultural millennials.

Hear more of Arlan Hamilton on Episode 3 of the GHOGH Podcast.

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