Episode 2: Rodney Williams On GHOGH, A New Podcast With Jamarlin Martin

Written by Dana Sanchez



Born partially deaf, Rodney Williams figured out a way to make money by pioneering a new type of sound technology.

His tech company, Lisnr, is a leading resource for data over audio. Lisnr’s low-power data transmission technology enables fast communication between devices via any speaker or microphone. The protocol is on track to power more than 100 million devices in 2018, Williams said at Black Tech Week.

Lisnr uses inaudible sounds to transmit information. The technology was created around the idea that sound can do more, and Williams is considered a pioneer in the industry.

“We’re all products of our environment,” Williams said during a GHOGH Podcast — pronounced “Go!” — with Jamarlin Martin. “Our environments influence who we become. The things that we should dive into are the things that make us most uncomfortable — the things we don’t know.”

Digital media pioneer Martin launched the GHOGH Podcast Franchise — Go Hard Or Go Home — at SXSW 2018, aimed at multicultural millennials.

Hear more of Rodney Williams on Episode 2 of the GHOGH Podcast. He talks to GHOGH about raising $10 million in venture capital, HBCU endowments that invest in black tech, and how to fire loyal employees who you like.

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Rodney Williams
Jamarlin Martin, founder and CEO of GHOGH and Moguldom.com, with Rodney Williams, founder and CEO of Lisnr. Photo: Anita Sanikop/Moguldom