Are There Any Cryptocurrencies Priced At Only A Fraction Of A Cent That Have Potential In 2018?

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Are there any cryptocurrencies priced at only a fraction of a cent that have potential in 2018?

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Dat Bear, Cryptocurrency Trader (2009-present)

Answered 51 minutes ago

Hi, first of all be conscious not to follow any random link given in this thread, because most of them are going to promote their own ICO (initial coin offering) to build revenue. Secondly I would like to introduce myself as cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast. I read and analyze 1–4 whitepapers each day. There are near 2000 different ICOs and cryptocurrencies. I would generally suggest you stay away from the ICOs, although in some cases they offer terms that are pretty attractive and can help you make quick income with 2–5x gain in short term.

In my opinion UTRUST is a coin that can make at least 10 times gain in 2018 is UTRUST (UTK)

This coin was listed four days ago on Coinmarketcap. Volume is still very small so it has even chances to make 50 or even 100 times gain.

You can buy it on KuCoin and it is the only exchange that listed this coin so massive spike up can start after it is added to big exchanges. Do not miss this coin, even if you have $100 it can be $1000 in 2018 so why not?

I thought to buy in ICO but my country wasn’t able to buy it but luckily price is still cheap compared to potential.

If you are not registered on KuCoin, you can join through this … referral link, and I might get some commission if you wish so to register through this link.

But again, this is just an assumption. The coin market is growing on higher rates than one can initially analyze or assess, so it can show enormous growth.

Generally you can look at the following cryptocurrencies, which of course are worth more than the price category you have mentioned, but are more than guaranteed to go 2–10x: XRP (Ripple), NEO, LTC (Litecoin), ETH (Ethereum).

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Walt Serdville, Crypto Analytic and Blogger at TheCoinBlog.Co

Answered Saturday

Hey there. Luckily for you we are still in the early adapters phase and currently selection among extremely underpriced and extremely potential coins is very huge. Let me introduce you to just some off top off my head:

MUSICOIN – Musicoin is a music streaming platform that rewards artists and cuts out middlemen. Direct competitor to Spotify and Soundcloud and already has a large amount of indie artists sign up weekly. Imagine as soon micro-famous, semi-famous and famous artists sign up. The publicity of this coin will skyrocket it. One Musicoin currently costs $0.05.

BAT – Basic Attention Token is a revolutionary idea how to shift the advertising industry. Their first stepping stone is to implement their extension to a browser called Brave. In fact it’s implemented and oh, you can look at Google Play store’s downloads. This browser is already used by millions of people and growing in rapid rate. Worth mentioning that the CEO of BAT is Mozilla Firefox founder. He knows what he’s doing. One BAT currently costs $0.34.

There’s also QTUM that could be China’s equivalent of Bitcoin, then there’s NEO that could be Asia’s Ethereum and dozens of other lesser known coins.

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Edwin Lin

Answered 1 hour ago

What you’re actually trying to ask is what cryptocurrency has a shot at hitting 50–100x multiples. My pick for you is AION. Currently sitting at under $400 million market cap.

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