10 Years From Now, What Will You Kick Yourself For Not Investing In?

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I’m kicking myself for not investing in crypto or Amazon 10 years ago. What will I kick myself for not investing in 10 years from now?

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Tim O’Shea, Investor

Answered Sept. 14

Investing in yourself. An ongoing education of knowledge and skills that you find interesting will advance your career, health and wealth. It is much more certain than picking a trend or stock. Then you will know what to financially invest in with confidence.

Ram Krishnaswamy

Answered Monday

All the answers here are designed to showcase the knowledge and skills of each person and give you a different perspective from which to decide what to pick now so you won’t be kicking yourself 10 years down the line.

But in all probability, you WILL be kicking yourself 10 years down the line and that is because “what brought you here is not likely to take you there.”

Ten years ago, most people were not looking at Amazon for a 10-year timeframe and definitely not in a way you would be making a fortune if you’d put in $100K in it at that time.

Today, right now, no one is looking at the next Amazon because the truth is, no one knows which one will become the next Amazon.

Now, here is the route to having a decent chance of making that happen.

Divide your investment fund into 3 parts

Put a third into the best blue chips today. Place the next third into sound and growing mid-caps and the last third into small caps which sound promising.

All of them should be among the top 3–4 in their business and have sound management who are there for the long haul.

Make sure that you are buying these stocks are low to medium valuation (P/E) in relation to their valuation range (buy below 12, when the Hi/Lo is 20/8).

Hold these for at least 15–20 years, periodically weeding out the companies that are stubborn losers and add those which appear on the horizon as promising candidates.

Some will become losers. Some will be decently profitable. A few will give you really good returns and, if you are lucky, a couple will be like Amazon.

There is really no other way. Among the darlings on the Indian stock market today is a tire company called MRF which has never had a split in 42 years and its market price is 70000. Back in 1987, during a bear market, I bought some at 17. No one had any idea it would become this today. No one has any idea what is going to become the Amazon of tomorrow, otherwise, they would be buying it hand over fist today.

Randy Pratt, Evangelist and Investor/Trader

Answered Monday
Here is the thing about investing that everyone forgets. We all live in the moment and not in the future.

Someone would have had to hold your hand and lock up your money for you to hold AMZN for the past 10 years; 99.99% of people cant put sizeable amounts of money to work with a 10-year time horizon. The risk is too huge.

Same with Bitcoin, why would you put $10,000 in Bitcoin at $1? Maybe if you had a million dollars you would have but if you have $1000 in the bank, you’re not going to buy but $10 worth. But at that point it was a crapshoot at best, unless you really really dove in, understood, opened your ears and your wallet. All are very hard to do.

Over the next 10 years you still have opportunities in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are going to come of age and in 10 years. Bitcoin will be over $100,000. I can all but see that going forward. But even knowing that, I can’t put $10,000 at risk for 10 years, because I need that money in the next couple of months.

What you can do is educate yourself. No one is going to convince you to invest in something, NO ONE. You have to understand it and you have to believe in it. Other words you will sell when the value tanks 50–80%. Guaranteed.

Ozan Hasdemir

Answered Sept. 9
You still did not miss the cryptocurrency train. A wise investment of $100 can change your life in a long term.

My personal favorite is Bitconnect coin. If you buy $100 worth and lend it to the platform you make 1% profit every day on average. And compound interest is a crazy thing. You would not believe how fast it starts to grow within a really short period of time.

Ian Rubenstein, Product Owner at GroupM (2015-present)

Answered 3 hours ago
Tesla. In that rocky period before liftoff.

I missed the gravy train on Bitcoin and bought Ripple (XRP) which is still under $0.30. It supports a higher transaction volume than the others, and has some noteworthy support.

H Shaqeeb

Answered Sept. 17
The end of the combustion engine is coming. A couple of counties have already set dates to ban it. Invest in materials or technology companies that are going to be building electric engines.

  • ABB Ltd. ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies.
  • Allied Motion Technologies is a U.S. public company focused exclusively on serving the motion control market.
  • AMETEK Inc.
  • ARC Systems.
  • Asmo.
  • Baldor Electric Co. Inc.
  • Brook Crompton UK Ltd.
  • Danaher Motion LLC.

Gerry Petencin, works at National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Answered 18 hours ago
You’ll regret not shorting TSLA right now, since by any real-world valuation TSLA is probably a $20-$50 stock. But you can’t short TSLA, since it also might be a $500-$1000 stock along the way. That’s the way cults are. Irrational exuberance with no predictable timeline.

Stephen Broadhurst, Masters Cryptocurrencies & More Cryptocurrency, The Coin Addict Academy (2009)

Answered Tuesday
Hey, I bet you are not the only one thinking like that. We all miss the boat sometimes, but it’s gone, get over it.

I joined The Bitcoin Community in January of this year. Even though I was not a Bitcoin holder before this time, I was still spreading the word about Bitcoin.

Anyway, I woke up one day and thought to myself…… WTF am I doing, I’m liquid for this, why don’t I invest?

So I did. I got in @ $1,000 per coin. Now is November and we are @ $9,865.

Of course I look back and, as you say, kick myself for not getting in earlier when I was spreading the word, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s gone, get over it.

I am pretty happy with my returns so far this year.

I don’t know, there could be many things that you have an opportunity of investing in now and if you didn’t invest, then yes, you could be kicking yourself in 10 years for not doing it.

However, you could be also kicking yourself in, say a year, for investing in this “dog with fleas” (Gordon Gekko from the movie, “Wall Street”).

It’s all down to research I guess, choose something that you understand or have an interest in.

It’s not really easy for someone to advise. It might be that they have come across this certain stock/shares/bond or whatever and they have invested in it without any research.

You could lose by following their example.

I made the decision to invest in Bitcoin myself. I couldn’t mentally blame anyone else if it didn’t work out.

Happy I did.

I am a 100% believer in Bitcoin and I chose to take the advice I was given… BUY & HOLD.

So I will not be cashing in soon.

Hey, I could kick myself in 1 week’s time if I sold and Bitcoin went to, say $15,000, which is not unachievable by the way.

I am diversifying a little from Bitcoin, that is safe in my offline wallet. I am about to enter the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) market.

I have done my research and I was fortunate enough to meet someone with the same interests as myself and he has done a deeper extensive research and due diligence on this and he is giving the green light too.

So that’s good enough for me.

My newfound colleague is a research fanatic and he will not entertain anything until he is 99% sure that the project in hand will be an asset to his extensive portfolio.

I mentioned earlier that maybe you should look at something that interests you and you understand it. This company that is about to launch its ICO has my interests at heart.


A truly brilliant concept and I am surprised that other companies in this field have not invested their time and money into an ICO of this nature.

The reason for my interest, besides making profit, is that I travel a lot with my business commitments and my travel expenditure is quite substantial by year end, so any form of a reduction in costs are welcome.

This new venture is of benefit to us all, not only do we have the opportunity to get involved at ICO price ($0.28USD) we stand to gain greater profits once the coin/token gains traction in the markets, along with making money by saving money, utilizing the services the company has to offer.


Take a look, see if you agree with my colleague and myself.

However….. THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE, this is purely a personal choice backed by an experienced researcher.


Answered Sept. 8
You will kick yourself for not short-selling cryptos before their devastating crash. One simple move, a mere stroke of a pen, a tweet, can bring them all crashing down. All it takes is for something like a Chinese administrator deciding it’s time to ban them. Whoops! There go people paper fortunes! But if you sold short, you’d make millions overnight. There are rumblings that China is about to do just that, and confusing and sometimes contradictory reports on it

Judy Teach

Answered Monday
I found an interesting ITO coming up on 30th of November, called getgame.io. It’s an all-in-one game development platform based on blockchain. The exciting thing about them is that 40% of their general revenue is shared with the REALITY (its native token) holders. I have never seen such a trait in the blockchain world. I suggest you check it out.

Keith Winslow

Answered Nov. 3
I think cryptocurrencies will be the future for almost everything we do. Just look at how much Bitcoin and other coins have increased in just the last two years. Bitcoin is booming past $7400 recently, which is insane.

Even Amazon bought cryptocurrency domains recently.

Yevgeny Shkilko, works at Self-Employment

Answered Monday
Sports betting companies. In case the decision by the Supreme Court on PASPA ( Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act ) will be in favor of New Jersey… massive shadowy industry in the U.S. will become legal.

John Gill, Been investing 20+ years

Answered Sept. 8

  • Yourself
  • Your workplace retirement plan
  • Index funds
  • IRA

Mark Snoz, works at Self-Employment

Answered Monday

  • Amazon
  • BTC and cryptocurrency in general
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Tesla
  • SpaceX (assuming an IPO)
  • Blockchain fintech
  • Probably Apple still.

Bryan Oleman, Independent Associate at World Financial Group (2010-present)

Answered Sept. 8
In 1984 I had the opportunity to buy Microsoft at a discount. It’s the one investment I regret not making. I was lamenting that fact with a gent 20 years my senior. Of course neither of us knew for sure that MS would become what it is today. He counseled me by saying that the only sure investment I could make was in myself. Now almost 40 years later I’ve invested in winners and loser but never with confidence which would be which.

I can say however that every investment I’ve made in myself has been with complete confidence.

Hazel Catalano

Answered 6 hours ago
Something that’s going to change the financial scene big time. Everything that is restructuring the banking system would be a good choice. P2P platforms have been on the scene for a while but they have not really made a breakthrough. I discovered that Karma offers many benefits for users and they can interact directly with each other without banks. They have token sale happening now.

Eko Prasetyo, works at Chevron

Answered Monday
My answers may be different than others.

I am a proponent of CryptoNight algo-based coins (a proof-of-work algorithm) like Monero (XMR), Electroneum (ETN), Karbowanec (KRB, effectively used as currency in Ukraine), SUMOkoin (SUMO), and Masari (MSR). They are truly anonymous coins, mostly have limited supply thus the price will be rising, already in use widely, easy to mine and thus the blockchains are easy to maintain. And they’re handsomely rewarding too since this year. You can even mine them on mobile phones.
I think you can’t go wrong with these coins.

Ed Labine, Principal, Polypro Solutions at Polypro Solutions (2016-present)

Answered 22 hours ago
While answers like “invest in yourself” sound good written down, there are far more ineffective ways to do that then there are effective ways. Plus you have to use the training to do something good, to be ahead. I’ll stick to investing advice here.

  1. It’s not too late to invest in cryptos. I treat it as speculation not investing, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t money to be made in the short term. There are new applications for blockchain technology found every day. This is becoming real.
  2. Invest in major Chinese stocks (Tencent, Baba, KWEB — not a recommendation, as I’m not a licensed investment agent. Just telling you the biggest ones that I bought for me). China is changing. Its major cities are further advanced than cities in N/A or Europe. The population average income keeps growing us fast. There is a lot more yet supporting this.
  3. TIOT – The Internet of Things – Everything in our lives will be linked over the internet. In fact, we’re very close. Look for companies that support this development.
  4. Electric cars – and I definitely do not mean Tesla right now. Sorry to all of you Musk fans, attracted to his barnstorming hoo-ra, and his grand visions that he isn’t even coming close to paying for. Tesla may make money eventually as a battery manufacturer, but I don’t see it as a car manufacturer. You’ll see this niche dominated by the large manufacturers soon. All are spending heavily into development, and have plans to come out with cars soon (plus they have a history of doing what they say that they’ll do, so it’s believable). VW is investing heavier than most, so watch them. China has the potential to be a dark horse. They have a lot of motivation to build affordable, reliable cars that don’t pollute. Remember the Beijing Olympics?

Kartik Rallapalli, Founder (2017-present)

Answered Sep 22
Artificial Intelligence. Technology related to machine learning. Deep learning. Self-driving cars and their applications to real word problems.

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