Kenyan School Aims To Produce The Next Generation Of Engineers

Written by Staff

In Kenya, youth under 25 years old make up the largest number of people unemployed in the country, according toThe World Bank. Audrey Cheng, 24, is trying to change that.

Raised in Maryland, Cheng moved to Nairobi three years ago to work for a global fund. She realized that entrepreneurs in Kenya were struggling to find talent to fill jobs in their company.

from NBC News. Story by Janelle Richards.

“I went to colleges and universities and a lot of these training programs in Kenya and I talked to students, I talked to professors and I tried to understand where was the problem,” said Cheng. “Computer science specifically, was being taught in a very theoretical way, the technology they were teaching was very outdated… they were teaching like lecturing and that’s not how you learn how to code.”

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