Mobile Spam-Blocking App Truecaller Setting Up Regional Headquarters In South Africa

Mobile Spam-Blocking App Truecaller Setting Up Regional Headquarters In South Africa

Truecaller, a Swedish mobile spam-blocking app that is popular with users throughout Africa has chosen to set up its regional headquarters in South Africa.

The app, which has over 250 million users worldwide, and a fifth of those in Africa, has announced it will launch its regional headquarters in South Africa, according to JustMoney.

Truecaller is the world’s largest verified mobile phone community dedicated to helping users to avoid and block spam calls and messages through the use of a mobile app.

Having recently signalled its intention to expand across Africa, Truecaller executives made stops in Nigeria and South Africa before deciding on where their regional offices would be based, selecting South Africa in the end.

The Scandinavian firm will be hiring key African personnel, and at an event in Cape Town the company unveiled Truecaller SDK, a mobile identity product for digital startups and app developers, while also revealing that they will expand upon its monetization initiative in South Africa, according to ITNewsAfrica.

South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya rank among the top 20 countries in the world in terms of users receiving unwanted spam calls, with South Africa placing fifth and Nigeria ninth on that list, according to a study conducted by Truecaller.

Truecaller headquarters in South Africa

With 3.2 million users in the country, South Africa is not the nation with the most users in the continent, but it is the fastest growing, with figures released by Truecaller showing 120 percent growth year-on-year.

Ted Nelson, chief commercial officer at Truecaller, explained the decision for the company to be based in South Africa.

“Over the past 12-months South Africa has excelled all countries in the region, becoming the fastest growing market for us in the continent,” said Nelson, according to TimesLive.

“With the positive momentum of growth and recent acknowledgements, we are confident this is the right timing for us to expand our presence and start engaging more deeply with the ecosystem,” he said.

The company’s Developer Program, Truecaller SDK, enables third party app developers, digital businesses and startups to verify end users efficiently by utilizing their Truecaller profile with a one-touch and password free experience, ThisDay reports.

Available on Android, iOS and web platforms, the program can be used by any app or website to instantly onboard, autofill user information, or verify the user’s phone number-based identity through the users’ consent.