Technology Is Set To Transform Farming In Rwanda

Technology Is Set To Transform Farming In Rwanda

A collection of applications designed to provide farmers with timely information on climate change, crops, livestock and diseases affecting them for informed decision making have been tested for effectiveness.

One of the applications will provide data on state of weather, amount of rain and soil humidity, and livestock performance to ensure better farm management and productivity, as well as market information on produce.

From New Times. Story by Emmanuel Ntirenganya.

The apps are intended to reduce the effects of climate change, and diseases on crops, so that farmers get yield in a sustainable manner, according to developers.

They were tested on Tuesday in Rulindo District, Northern Province. The testing intended to ensure that farmers give their input about the technology based on on-field farming practices or challenges they face in the farming process and how they can better get addressed.

The technology is under “Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Rwanda,” a project that has four mobile applications, including ‘Cure and feed your livestock,’ ‘eNtrifood,’ ‘Weather and crop calendar,’ and ‘AgriMarketplace.’

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