Maiden Tech In Ghana Conference Set For November 2017

Written by Staff

The Ministry of Communications together with AB2020, will jointly host the Maiden Tech in Ghana Conference at the Accra Digital Centre in November, 2017.

The Conference is aimed to bring together some of the think tanks, key industry players and influencers in the public and private sectors to engage, collaborate and encourage the development of Ghana’s technological ecosystem.

This was followed by a statement by the Ministry of Communications indicating that, the success of the first conference held in London in February 2017, has paved the way for the maiden edition of the Tech in Ghana conference to be held in Accra come November 21-22, 2017.

From News Ghana.

The statement also States that, the Conference would showcase groundbreaking local innovations and provide a platform to highlight, discuss and stimulate the growth of Ghana’s digital development, world-class technological potentials clients, investors and as well as to provide a platform for dialogue between government and industrial players to promote growth.

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