Vodacom Rebranding Outside Of Mobile With Digital Future In Mind

Vodacom Rebranding Outside Of Mobile With Digital Future In Mind

South Africa’s largest mobile carrier, Vodacom, is set to undergo a massive rebranding of the company in an effort to open up additional business opportunities with regards to an increasingly digital future.

The update in branding is a global effort, with parent company Vodafone leading the change with a new logo (pictured below) and tag line which states: “The Future Is Exciting, Ready?”, according to ITNewsAfrica.

The new logo enables 2D visualisation, with 34 countries set to experience the change, led by a selection of five key markets that includes South Africa.

The red colour that has become synonymous with the brand remains unchanged, but the font used in the logo is updated.

The new Vodacom logo as part of the company's rebranding. Photo - MyBroadband
The new Vodacom logo as part of the company’s rebranding. Photo – MyBroadband

Vodacom on a digital future that includes driverless cars

The restructuring is an exercise in refreshing the brand for a renewed focus on the digital future and a product offering that takes that connected future into account.

Aside from the company’s current focus as a mobile operator, Vodacom will aim to become a digital company with interests in new technologies such as driverless cars, as well as content that includes sport, music and movies via mobile, according to Businesstech.

Chief officer for Vodacom business unit, Nyimpini Mabunda said that the rebranding is about Vodacom striving to become a leading digital company while “changing the way we approach everyday opportunities.”

“Driverless vehicles are a big opportunity for us,” Mabunda said, adding that Vodacom is already working with BMW with regards to driverless vehicles.

“Our business is shifting from a telecom provider, to everything digital,” he said, according to Mybroadband.

Addressing the new tag line, and how it was conceived, Mabunda said that conversations with customers were crucial to its creation, reports Techcentral.

“We have been talking to customers about how it impacts their lives. Customers are very excited about technology and what it brings, but are also anxious about change and their ability to cope with it,” Mabunda said.

“In that insight came an opportunity to reposition ourselves to be the partner to help people be confidently connected into the future. Our role goes beyond providing connectivity,” he added.