Nigeria Announces Smart Cities Project Plan

Nigeria Announces Smart Cities Project Plan

The Federal Government says it is embarking on Smart City project in order to leverage on technology solutions to improve efficiency of cities across the country.

The minister of communication Adebayo Shittu disclosed this at the opening ceremony of the Smart Cities Nigeria Summit yesterday in Abuja.

The minister said the with the development of new technological innovations -mainly ICTs- the concept of the “Smart City” has emerged as a means to achieve more efficient and sustainable cities.

From SundiataPost.

Since its conception, the Smart City notion has evolved from the execution of specific projects to the implementation of global strategies to tackle wider city challenges, he said.

He said the project would assist the federal government to develop practical steps and solutions that would bring together areas traditionally viewed as separate: energy and mobility, government and health, education and environment.

He stated that the Muhammadu Buhari administration through the Ministry of Communications has developed cogent policies, frameworks and guidelines for combating the challenges faced in the urban centers.

“The Nigerian ICT Road Map 2016-2020, the National Strategic Plan 2016-2024, the broad band policy, the new Power Sector Reforms, and the Nigerian Smart City Initiative are some of the initiatives by government toward addressing these issues,” he said.

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