Minnesota Foundation IT Training And Opportunities Young African Immigrants

Written by Staff

Facebook. Snapchat. Twitter.

Those are some of the many social media giants that Hussein Farah has seen African immigrants in Minnesota use on a regular basis. Now, he wants young people to start thinking about the innovative work process that goes into developing them.

To help them get there, Farah founded an organization, New Vision Foundation, which currently offers coding and advanced IT training classes to African immigrant high school students in Minneapolis.

From Minnesota Post. Story by By Ibrahim Hirsi.

“We want our kids and our community not just to be consumers of technology, but creators of technology,” he said. “Right now we’re only consumers; we’re not on the table designing or creating the future Twitter.”

But for now, the 2-year-old organization’s focus is on introducing young people to the growing jobs in the tech industry, which in recent decades has become a crucial driver of economic growth and source of employment.

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