Botswana Teachers Learn Basic Coding In Preparation For Africa Code Week 2017

Botswana Teachers Learn Basic Coding In Preparation For Africa Code Week 2017

In preparation for Africa Code Week 2017, which will take place throughout the continent in October, hundreds of teachers in Botswana have learned basic coding skills.

Thanks to a partnership between the Ministry of Basic Education in Botswana and software development group SAP, over 400 teachers within the country now have a basic level understanding of how to code, according to ITNewsAfrica.

Launched in 2015, the SAP Africa Code Week will take place for a third time in October, with the aim of empowering 500,000 young African boys and girls with coding skills through playful learning methods that inspire enjoyment and creativity.

Claire Gillissen-Duval, director of EMEA corporate social responsibility at SAP and Africa Code Week global lead, explained the importance of training teachers in order to pass coding knowledge on to the youth of Africa.

“For coding to become an integral part of the school curriculum, teachers must be equipped with efficient, reliable teaching tools and materials,” said Gillissen-Duval, according to WeekendPost.

“In 2016 more than 5,600 teachers and educators were trained, many of whom continue their coding journey to positively impact the lives of thousands of young people.”

Africa Code Week enjoys great support

Minister of Basic Education in Botswana, Dr. Unity Dow, stated that partnerships between the public and private sectors are necessary to teach the important skills that young people require in the modern world.

“A sustainable, ICT-driven national growth will only be achieved through the development of local skills and expertise – with a particular emphasis on the development of ICT skills in children and young adults,” Dow explained, according to CajNews.

“The Ministry of Basic Education is proud to endorse Africa Code Week and I could not encourage you more to take part and leverage this opportunity to become fluent in the language of the 21st century,” she added.

With support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Youth Mobile initiative, along with hundreds of public and private partners in Africa, last year’s events provided valuable basic code training to 426,000 youngsters across 30 countries over a nine-day period.

In an effort to further improve on last year’s targets, Africa Code Week 2017 will be held across 35 African countries between October 18-25.