More Tanzanian Businesses Turn To Barcode Technology

Written by Staff

The number of domestic manufacturers using the barcode technology has increased to over 1,500 companies and 18,000 products to accrue a wide range of benefits.
The GS1 TZ National Limited Barcode Executive, Mabamba Maregesi, said at the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) that there was increased awareness on the benefits of using the barcode.

“The business community comprising small, medium and large scale entrepreneurs has been acquiring the barcode technology for their products to compete in the domestic, regional and international market,” he said.

From AllAfrica.

Maregesi said the increased awareness was facilitated by the preference that some government officials give to barcode technology, which had in turn helped to raise awareness among some small, medium and large companies to embrace it.

He said the use of the country’s own barcode on the domestic products was of paramount significance as consumers from any part of the world could easily trace the products’ origin.

When a product from Tanzania uses the barcode of another country, it means that the product’s traceability shows that it was not produced in Tanzania and could not therefore be considered as among the country’s export products.

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