Why The Next Tech Revolution Will Be In Africa

Why The Next Tech Revolution Will Be In Africa

Silicon Valley’s days leading the tech revolution may be coming to an end, according to one optimistic observer who believes the future of technology lies much further abroad than San Francisco.

The future of tech “will be written in Legos, Nairobi, Kampala and cities across Africa,” Jeremy Johnson the CEO and founder of Andela told CNBC. “We believe that Africa is going to emerge as a very significant player in the global tech scene,” he said.

From CNBC. Story by Chantel McGee.

Andela connects Africa’s top 2 percent of developers with jobs at companies globally. “We created a platform that enables the best and brightest to basically scale their abilities as technologists, and in the process … also solve the problem that many companies around the world are facing, and that’s just a shortage of technical talent,” said Johnson.

Today, there are 300 tech hubs in 93 cities across 42 countries on the continent, compared to none just a decade ago. Nigeria and Kenya are both centers of start-up activity, and among the fastest growing of the innovation hubs on the continent.

A trip to Nairobi opened Johnson’s eyes to some of the opportunities and challenges that face Africa’s growing tech ecosystem. “I just had almost no exposure to the continent and was kind of blown away by what I found and the people I met,” said Johnson.

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