Parliament Members in Uganda Accused of Honoring Nepotism

Parliament Members in Uganda Accused of Honoring Nepotism

From The Tanzania Citizen

Lawmakers and senior Parliament employees are on the spot for helping close family members and friends get jobs at the August House, sparking embarrassing charges of nepotism.

An investigation by the Saturday Monitor has revealed that Speaker Rebecca Kadaga recently ordered an investigation into the allegations that some members of the Parliamentary Commission and other senior officials could have helped their relatives get jobs without passing through the established procedures.

Saturday Monitor has established that Ms Kadaga instituted a three-man committee led by the Parliamentary and Legal Affairs Committee chairperson, Mr Stephen Tashobya, also accused of helping a close family member to secure a top job in Parliament, to help her investigate cases of inconsistencies and influence peddling in the manner people get jobs at the institution, especially during the just concluded restructuring.

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