Bank of Zambia Embarks On Plan To Encourage More People To Bank

Bank of Zambia Embarks On Plan To Encourage More People To Bank

The Bank of Zambia and the National Savings and Credit Bank are reaching out to citizens who do not have bank accounts through a recently announced rural expansion program, reports ABN Digital.

Only 37.3 percent of Zambia’s population use banks; the Bank of Zambia wants to reach a financial inclusion of 50 percent by 2015.

“There has been recognition that there are areas outside the industry which require that we pursue internet banking, mobile banking and checks as being part of the package,” Bankers Association of Zambia CEO, David Chewe told CNBC Africa.

Most banks in Zambia are largely private, and despite the economic slowdown in the United States and the Eurozone crisis, Zambian banks have been able to remain sound and well-capitalized.

Yet, a large number of Zambians do not bank and unable to access the financial banking services. So the Bank of Zambia has partnered with the National Savings and Credit Bank to create a initiative  to reach Zambia’s population who have not used banks or their financial services. “Of the rural areas that have already been targeted as part of the country’s financial expansion plans,  NATSAVE will launch a branch in Kalabo. This will be the district’s very first bank,” reports ABN Digital.

Currently, Zambia is undergoing a recapitalization initiated by the government, where all banks have until the end of the year to recapitalize. Bank diversification is on the agenda as well.