NhaCabo, Facebook App Created For Cape Verdean Users

NhaCabo, Facebook App Created For Cape Verdean Users

From The Herald News

Keeping up with all things Cape Verdean just got a lot easier with a new, unique Facebook app developed by entrepreneur and software architect Nick Pinheiro.

NhaCabo,” which can be translated as ‘My Cabo Verde’ or ‘My Place,’ allows its users to connect with people, places and things related to Cape Verde in just one simple step.

“NhaCabo will allow Cape Verdeans from throughout the diaspora to connect, interact and collaborate in a way that was never once imaginable,” according to Pinheiro, who introduced the app this week at the Microsoft office in Boston where he works.

By using the new app, users can now find in just one place readily available sources of information at their fingertips with content from a variety of sites, including YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Bing and Facebook.

“By taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, the app will create a platform to further the ongoing development of the Cape Verdean people, economy and country,” Pinheiro said.

NhaCabo has been optimized for all devices, including tablets and smartphones. Read more at The Herald News.