15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In South Africa

Written by Julia Austin

Things you didn’t know you could do in South Africa

If you learned everything you know about South Africa in a guidebook, broaden your horizons a bit. Here’s a list of 15 amazing — and slightly crazy– things you can do. Like spend half a day on a meerkat encounter. Meerkats are immune to certain strong venom, including the Kalahari Desert scorpion. They forage in a group with one sentry on guard watching for predators. Sentry duty is usually an hour long. The meerkat on guard makes peeping sounds when all is well. Meerkats babysit their young. Like many species, meerkat young learn by mimicking adults who teach their pups how to eat a venomous scorpion.A meerkat can dig through sand equal to its own weight in seconds.

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