Infrastructure Will Boost Kenya’s Economic Growth, Experts

Infrastructure Will Boost Kenya’s Economic Growth, Experts

From Capital FM

Kenya’s economy is set to expand rapidly if the proposed infrastructure expansion by the Jubilee government is implemented, the chairman of African Cotton and Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF) Jaswinder Bedi says.

Speaking to Capital FM News, Bedi said with good infrastructure in the country, the cost of production will decrease, translating to more affordable goods for all citizens in the country.

“We are 50 years old (since independence) and we have grown our economy 40 times. We have great achievements in Kenya and all of us need to be proud of our country,” he said.

“If you look at what is happening in the country and in the region, lots of growth is happening in this part of the world. Kenya is definitely the driving force and as manufacturers we are happy to be part of the story.”

He noted that the country growth pace was high observing that. “It took the United States of America 184 years (after attaining independence) to have their first presidential debate while we took 49 years only. We are moving at such pace.”

He added that the manufacturing sector in the country contributes 13 percent revenue to the country’s Gross Domestic Product saying their target was to grow at 25 percent.

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