Cape Town Announces Solar Water Heater Accreditation Program

Cape Town Announces Solar Water Heater Accreditation Program

The City of Cape Town is to launch a residential solar water heater accreditation program to assist with the faster roll-out of residential high-pressure solar water heaters and to encourage mid- to high-income residents to reduce their consumption of electricity and move towards the use of renewable energy.

City authorities said this week that the first phase of the program would be to accredit service providers so as to improve consumer confidence in the industry. Authorities say this will also facilitate affordable finance for the geysers through monthly installments.

The geysers could significantly reduce the amount of money households spend on electricity. In 2012 the city said it intended to appoint service providers to supply high-pressure solar water heaters to replace existing conventional electrical geysers in households.

The high-pressure solar water heaters are seen as vital in the drive to introduce renewable energy, and crucial in attempts to ease pressure on the country’s electricity grid. Solar heaters could also contribute up to 23 percent to the government’s target of renewable energy, contributing 100,00GWh of final energy consumption by the end of 2013.