Shopping In Accra: 5 Places To Get Your Bling On

Written by Staff

Native New Yorker Starrene Rhett-Rocque goes shopping in Osu, one of Accra’s fashionable districts, on her first-ever trip to Ghana. “It became clear during my exploration of Osu that Oxford Street is an area that never sleeps,” Rhett-Rocque said. “I saw vendors hawking a bit of everything, including knockoff Puma soccer jerseys and Rolexes. They can tell who isn’t local, so be prepared to be cat-called or followed for a few blocks by people aggressively trying to get you to make purchases — something that I never got used to. Street vendors are a given in Ghana, but one of my favorite things about Osu is that there are also many chic boutiques that offer a calmer shopping adventure.”