Uganda Arrests Trump Supporters At US Embassy

Written by Kevin Mwanza

Ugandan police arrested two members of the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD), an opposition party, who marched outside the U.S. Embassy in Kampala in support of Donald Trump, the Republic presidential candidate in next month’s election.

The party leadership however, distanced itself from the protesters who held placards with the words, ‘A vote for Trump is a vote against African dictatorship’, saying it had not authorized the youths to campaign for the U.S. presidential candidate.

The youths, who were alongside three others who managed to escape are reportedly members of the UYD youth wing.

“(The) protest was not sanctioned by the Democratic Party. Perhaps overzealous young people, excited by what’s taking place in America were just seeking media attention,” Kenneth Kakande, the party’s spokesman told AFP.

Police through spokesman, Emilian Kayima said the two will be charged with unlawful assembly.

Trump, stirred controversy in January when he said that he will ensure dictators like Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe are ousted from power and prosecute them in his pursuit of international justice if elected to office.

The business mogul cum politician made the remarks when he addressed war veterans in Washington, adding that he would oust all dictators that previous American administrations have failed to stop, Africa Cradle reported.

The Ugandan and Zimbabwean leaders, who are some of the longest-ruling presidents in the world have been criticized for their intolerance on opposition and interference on presidential elections to ensure they are re-elected.

Uganda held presidential election in February, a poll that observers and opposition politicians said was rigged in favor of the incumbent Museveni against his fierce rival, Kizza Besigye of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

The nation’s electoral body denied the allegations, Al Jazeera reported.

Several governments in Africa have deployed security forces to crack down on opposition politicians and their supports in the face of strong opposition campaigns that greet their decisions to cling onto power.

The disputed re-election of incumbents in Gabon, Uganda and Burundi were met with violence and protests by the opposition supporters, this year.

In Gambia and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), there are fears and violent clashes between security forces and opposition supporters as they head into presidential elections this year.

In DRC, the electoral commission pushed the poll set for next month to December 2018, citing logistical challenges, claims described by the opposition as a plot by President Joseph Kabila to stay in power beyond his final constitutional term.