Inequality For The Right Price In Silicon Valley: Why Liberal Big Tech CEOs Love Trump’s Tax Plan

Inequality For The Right Price In Silicon Valley: Why Liberal Big Tech CEOs Love Trump’s Tax Plan

More than 400 millionaires plan to send a letter this week to Congress saying “Don’t cut our taxes.”

Wealthy Americans including George Soros, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and CEOs say the GOP is making a mistake by reducing taxes on the richest families. It’s bad timing when the nation’s debt is high and inequality is back at the worst level since the 1920s.

The letter asks Congress not to pass any tax bill that “further exacerbates inequality” or adds to the debt. Instead of petitioning tax cuts for the wealthy, the letter asks Congress to raise taxes on rich people like them.

The letter is being released publicly this week, as Republicans debate legislation that would add $1.5 trillion to the debt to pay for widespread tax cuts for businesses and individuals.

Big tech CEOs from Silicon Valley were part of a special interest group noticeably absent from this group.

The liberal elites in Silicon Valley love the Trump tax plan. It’s icing on the cake after record profits, cash piles, stock prices, and unchecked control over their respective industries. They don’t care if their monopolistic and greedy pillaging are increasing inequality in the country. Not their problem.

Trump’s tax policy favors the wealthy at the expense of the country.

I think the poor, middle America, and the lobby representing small business would like to see the spineless leaders in Silicon Valley say, “We don’t need a massive tax break right now.”

Lack of leadership among liberal Silicon Valley elites shows that they really don’t understand that a populist backlash is coming against them.

big tech CEOs love Trump's tax plan

The greedy, immoral, and amoral Silicon Valley elites are deceptively liberal. Their power, wealth, and detachment from their role in global inequality make them more dangerous to society than Trump, Steve Bannon, Breitbart, the alt-right, and the KKK put together.

White supremacy has always been a political and economic system. It has always been better weaponized when liberals or their Negro stooges carry out destructive policies that increase racial inequality in America.

The massive inequality that is being funded and promoted in Silicon Valley by liberal elites will last a lot longer than Donald Trump. It will have more impact on racial inequality than any right-wing racist institution on the planet.

Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg,  Sheryl Sandberg, and Tim Cook have had it so good for so long that they don’t appreciate the risks associated with their greed and detachment from what’s best for America.

It’s going to take a vicious and accelerated turn against their businesses and profits. History is not going to be kind to these morally bankrupt leaders. The American public is increasingly getting up to speed on how destructive their values are for the country.

Big tech needs to be regulated. One of the many reasons is that they will always put their greed and short-termism above the health and well-being of the American people.

The liberal Silicon Valley leaders supporting Trump’s tax plan for the rich represent the very worst in capitalism. The 400 millionaires who wrote Congress that they didn’t need the tax breaks represent the best.