Is Beyond-The-Norm Becoming The Norm For S. African Travelers?

Is Beyond-The-Norm Becoming The Norm For S. African Travelers?

South African travel agents have seen a been a surge in inquiries about destinations that, until recently, few South Africans would have considered such as Macedonia, Petra in Jordan and Finnish Lapland, according to a report in news24.com.

In a recent study, travel agent Harvey World Travel reported a 63 percent increase in tourists choosing or showing interest in destinations beyond the traditional. Mongolia and Peru are among the destination showing up on South African tourist’s radar lately, the report said.

“Beyond the norm is becoming part of the norm,” said Harvey World Managing Director Rosemary Moss, whose research led the business to offer more choices in off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Moss acknowledges the 63 percent increase is “from a low base,” but it is significant, she said in the report.

Moss attributes this new adventurism among South Africans “already well versed in tradition destinations” to a weakened currency, shrinking disposable income and the desire to holiday overseas.

“I believe that our appetite as a nation of travelers has grown,” she said.

As the world economy continues to recover, Moss said, “Off-the-beaten-track destinations will, I believe, hold an advantage over the traditional.”