The Lotteries Commission Commits To Funding Team SA Ahead Of Olympics

The Lotteries Commission Commits To Funding Team SA Ahead Of Olympics

The South African National Lotteries Commission has thrown their financial support behind Team SA ahead of the Olympic games in Rio this August, committing funds to support those representing the country in Brazil.

As Team South Africa aims to return from the Rio 2016 games with a record medal haul in tow, they have received positive news in the form of a partnership between The National Lotteries Commission and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee.

The partnership will see the availability of funding for athletes and their sports programmes for the Rio Olympics, with a view to a continued association beyond the games in support of South African athletes.

According to SASCOC, the sponsorship is valued at around $4.7 million, and will be dedicated to handling the requirements of the Team SA athletes in terms of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 Games.

South African sport has been in need of such funds to fulfil the potential in Team SA, and ensure that the country’s athletes have their preparation and logistic needs taken care of in this Olympic year and beyond.

National Lotteries Commission supports Team SA

National Lotteries Commission Chairperson Prof Ntshengedzeni Nevhutanda mentioned the pride that the NLC has in supporting South African sport, and in particular the Olympians of Team SA.

“Besides being the largest funder of sport in South Africa, the National Lotteries Commission has a long standing partnership with the Olympics and Paralympics through its relationship with SASCOC. We are very honoured to extend this association in the interests of our athletes who will be competing with the greatest of world sports,” Nevhutanda said, according to SuperSport.

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“Through this historical alliance, we at the National Lotteries Commission have seen our athletes perform at the Olympics since South Africa was re-admitted into the global sports organisation. We have witnessed the outstanding achievements of our sportsmen and women who have, on numerous occasions, brought us glory. The NLC is confident that our on-going partnership with Sascoc will bring continuous development and further success for our athletes,” he added.

The National Lotteries Commission uses funds generated via the sale of lottery tickets to support various charities and initiatives.

Gideon Sam, president of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee thanked the NLC for their support.

“SASCOC would like to thank the National Lotteries Commission for the huge sponsorship they have contributed to Team SA. This relationship with the NLC is not new but dates back from the time when we re-entered the Olympic movement,” said Sam, according to SASCOC.

The NLC has been involved in funding our development and OPEX programmes which ultimately results in the preparation of our world class athletes,” the president added.

“The public’s support is also appreciated because the money they use to purchase lotto tickets go a long way towards supporting Team SA and adding to their success. We can assure the NLC that their support and continued association with SASCOC has enabled our athletes to compete at the highest levels of international sports,” he said.

“This sponsorship is an indication that the NLC has full confidence in our athletes as well as SASCOC’s ability to deliver a successful games,” he added.