SMS Service Provides Ugandans with ID Card Information

SMS Service Provides Ugandans with ID Card Information

For Ugandans that registered during a 2010 ‘biometric registration exercise,” an SMS service which disseminates identification information is now available, PC Tech Magazine reported.

The internal affairs ministry is behind the project which makes accessing the status of national identity cards much easier.

“When one wants to check for the status of their IDs, they are required to type the word ‘Uganda’, leave a space, type the registration number from the Electoral Commission and then send to 8888,” Bwesigye Marcellion, the National ID project manager said in the report.

According to PC Tech Magazine, the text transaction will cost users Sh220 or approximately $2.50. When visiting service centers, many Ugandans often run into issues including the receipt of invalid identification information.

This new technology aims to smooth over such discrepancies. In addition to getting quick ID information, the SMS service will help users configure the accuracy of information issued at a service center.

“When you SMS your details to that number, it will automatically tell you the status of your card,” John Eresu, a National Citizenship and Immigration Board member, explained in the report.

The initiative, launched Monday has met a few difficulties, PC Tech Magazine reported. Some users were notified of missing cards while others found spelling errors to be an unexpected roadblock.