Athlete David Rudisha: Kenya Addressing Doping Crisis

Written by Peter Pedroncelli

Kenyan Olympic champion and world record holder David Rudisha has spoken about the doping crisis that is currently enveloping his country ahead of the Rio Olympics this year, adding that Kenya is trying to address the problem.

Last month Athletics Kenya (AK) chief executive officer, Isaac Mwangi, was banned by International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Ethics commission for six months concerning allegations of interference in anti-doping investigations regarding Kenyan athletics since last year.

Over 40 Kenyan athletes have been banned for doping by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), with title holder of the Chicago and Boston Marathon, Rita Jeptoo, 400 meter runner Joyce Zakari and renowned road runner Mathew Kisorio all implicated for failing doping tests.

Kenya failed to meet a deadline in proving to WADA that it has put in measures to address the doping crisis, and as a result the nation, which is famous for producing world-class athletes, risks being banned from this year’s Olympics in Rio.

Speaking about this dark time in Kenyan athletics, Rudisha believes he knows the cause of the doping issues, and explains that his country is working to fix the problems that are dragging the sport through the mud.

“We lack a lot of infrastructure, like we don’t even have a lab in Kenya and you find that it’s very difficult for the anti-doping agency to control this situation,” Rudisha explained, according to ABC.

The Kenya Athletics authorities and government have until April 5 to satisfy anti-doping authorities and athletics’ world body, the IAAF, or they risk sanctions.

“We hope that things are going to be okay. They are trying, this is a very difficult situation to control,” he said.

“These upcoming athletes are a big problem because nobody knows them and then they get out there and compete for the first time, they are being caught,” Rudisha added.

At the moment the Kenyan athlete is in Melbourne, Australia to compete in the IAAF World Challenge this coming weekend, before making his way to the Perth Classic a week later.