AdsBrook: Generating Local, Targeted Ads in West Africa

AdsBrook: Generating Local, Targeted Ads in West Africa

Africa is evolving into a notable player in the digital and mobile advertising business, and AdsBrook is a driving force in that effort.

Founded by Derek Jason Bossman, who was born in New York and moved to Ghana with his parents as a teenager, AdsBrook now operates in West Africa and is expanding across the continent. Buoyed by $70,000 in start-up seed financing by the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Bossman’s company now provides a network of online and mobile channels for advertisers and businesses to operate effective ad campaigns.

“We are dedicated to helping businesses build and maintain their brand through a strong online presence and also maximize their ROI,” Bossman said.

The company’s website promotes its services with the assertion that it offers targeted ads to all content providers, assuring clients’ messages reach “the right audience at the right time for the maximum effect.” Focused on providing local consumers with relevant ad content, the company strives to assure brands and products get more visibility. AdsBrook also provides an efficient and cost effective way to measure campaign success through analytics, offering a method of tracking the performance of ads in real time, thereby streamlining clients’ budgets to enhance their marketing campaigns.

Bossman said it might be beneficial to build solid partnerships with traditional advertising agencies at some point as an additional weapon in their digital marketing arsenals.

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“So far we have worked with a few of them,” he said. “But we want to position ourselves as the experts and the first point of call for digital marketing and advertising within Africa.”

Targeting the mobile phone market is an aspect that Bossman feels will only add to AdsBrook’s popularity. As opposed to desktop applications, Internet-capable mobile phone devices have met with considerable success in Africa, where the population has hurtled precipitously into the era of smart phones. Already generating revenue with AdsBrook positioned at the forefront of mobile phone advertising, Bossman believes his company is poised for enormous success after the trials and tribulations of its recent launch.

“Believing in a dream when there is not much support can be very disheartening but when you persevere against all odds, there will definitely be a good story to tell at the end of it,” Bossman said. “We witnessed this firsthand and are very glad we have survived to tell the tale.”