South African Casinos Invest In Tech To Keep Gamblers At The Table Longer

Written by Dana Sanchez

South African casinos have made digital upgrades that translate to more profits, according to a PwC analysis of the gambling industry in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, WorldCasinoDirectory reported.

Of the 40 licensed casinos in South Africa, 38 have already committed to expanding and upgrading their digital technology.

These include providing more Wi-Fi hotspots in the casinos, which allows patrons to download casino apps and use them to order food and beverages from inside or outside the casino for delivery directly to their playing table.

Patrons who do not have a smartphone can borrow a tablet and use it to access the casino’s apps.

Some of the smartphone-charging stations in South African casinos come with a security locker that allows patrons to charge their smartphones securely away from the gaming tables, but without leaving the casino. This keeps patrons at the casino longer.

South African casinos have invested heavily in new digital facial-recognition cameras to for surveillance. These cameras are different from the usual CCTV cameras, WorldCasinoDirectory reported. Their high definition allows casinos to run pictures of suspicious individuals through a database of known offenders and see if the casino is being targeted.

This technology is helpful when there is suspicion of cheating or gambler disputes with the establishment, said PwC consultant Veneta Eftychis in a prepared statement.

Technology also allows casinos to do automatic software upgrades rather than have to replace machines.