Substandard Products Worth More Than N2bn Destroyed By SON

Substandard Products Worth More Than N2bn Destroyed By SON

From Business News

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has destroyed sub-standard products worth over N2billion.

Engineer Bidi Obayo, who supervised the destruction of the goods on behalf of SON’s Director General, Dr. Joseph Odumodu, explained that the devices destroyed would have been an insult to the intelligence of the Nigerian consumers as well as a great threat to life if allowed into the market

“Once you patronise a substandard product, you are indirectly killing our local industries and by extension endangering your lives and that of others,” he said, adding that the decision to reduce substandard products in the country was informed by the organisation’s desire to provide confidence in products manufactured, imported and distributed in Nigeria for the overall benefit of the economy and welfare of the people.

He assured that SON would continue with a policy on how to detect substandard products, especially television sets and also provide a number to call by consumers.

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