Beyond Business: Exxon Mobil Looks For Ways To Do Good In Africa

Beyond Business: Exxon Mobil Looks For Ways To Do Good In Africa

From Dallas News

Exxon Mobil has more clout than many governments in Africa, after more than 100 years of harnessing — some would say exploiting — the continent’s vast natural resources.

As the Irving-based oil giant eyes continued investment in Africa’s traditional oil patches and beyond, it’s also spending millions of dollars on efforts to fight disease, improve education and empower women.

But for one of the world’s largest companies, just how much aid is enough to ensure the confluence of corporate and civic responsibilities?

Exxon Mobil’s philanthropic spending pales beside the billions in revenue that the company reaps each year. But Exxon Mobil officials describe a more complex calculus, that good deeds and good business can and do work hand-in-hand.

Earlier this month in Tanzania, Exxon Mobil sponsored the George W. Bush Institute’s African First Ladies Summit. The event brought together eight of the continent’s leading women to discuss global health, agriculture and economic growth.

Former President George W. Bush hailed Exxon Mobil as a “company with a conscience.” And while the company’s critics remain loud and persistent, many of the African first ladies gathered in Tanzania offered high praise.

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