Spinlet: Nigeria’s Premiere Mobile Music Service

Spinlet: Nigeria’s Premiere Mobile Music Service

As a mobile music download platform, Spinlet offers media distribution to emerging markets in Nigeria and throughout Africa, aiming to become the continent’s answer to iTunes. Focused on meeting the needs of over 700 million music lovers with mobile phones across the continent, the user-friendly service allows them to listen, share, and manage music.

By making it easy to create and share playlists with friends using the application, Spinlet is quickly becoming a premiere mobile and social music service — enabling both the purchase and discovery of new music, according to the company’s website. Spinlet’s advantages include offering distribution and sales of digital music, creating a social network which connects fans and artists, democratizing content delivery, gaining control of revenue frequently lost due to piracy and creating better relationships with artists.

Company chief operating officer Francis Ebuehi said Spinlet plans to make digital content available to Nigerians, thereby successfully leveraging the multiple payment system available in that country.

“We encourage the social aspect of music by making it easy to create and share playlists to friends within the application,” Ebuehi said. “Spinlet’s massive music vault can be accessed by downloading the application for free. Users can begin enjoying the service immediately with their existing on-device music library or by using complimentary Spinlet credits for new contents.”

Founded in 2006 in Finland, Spinlet now has additional offices in San Francisco, Cape Town (South Africa) and Lagos (Nigeria). The company has stressed the need for more local digital content in Nigeria and has announced there are more technologies there to encourage the purchase and discovery of those contents.

Spinlet currently provides a combination of models where users can listen to tracks for free (supported by advertisements), pay a monthly subscription for unlimited downloads or buy individual songs.

In addition, the company has recently brought in Neil Schwartzman on to serve as its new CEO. Schwartzman, originally from Winnipeg, Canada, will focus on the distribution of digital content across Africa through its music and television business. Before joining Spinlet, Schwartzman was CEO of MIH Internet Sub-Saharan Africa — responsible for Naspers’s Internet businesses in the region.