Financial Aid Technology Is Helping Students Stay Ahead Of Debt In Higher Education

Written by Anita Sanikop

Overbearing student loan debt has become the new normal.

With the soaring cost of higher education, around 40 million Americans are in debt with at least one outstanding student loan.

Yet every year, $20 billion of financial aid — including $3 billion in Pell Grants — goes unclaimed, according to Michael Kofoed with the Institute of Education Sciences.

The average cost of tuition and fees are $134,000 for a four-year academic plan. Millenials are paying more for education and earning 20 percent less than their parents did at the same age.

Frank Financial Aid, our student loan app hero, is disrupting this $1.3 trillion crisis with technology.

Charlie Javice is the female founder and CEO of Frank. Her technology helps students tap into money left on the table.

Financial Aid

Frank offers a streamlined alternative, Fast Company reported. “No one has been incentivized to fix it, which leaves a perfect ground for technology companies to come in and shake things up,” Javice said.

Since launching in March 2017, Frank has helped 80,000 families secure $2.8 billion-plus in finanical aid.

Javice and hopes to build a sustainable business by offering premium services such as credit counseling, that layer on top of the free FAFSA tool. “We’re acquiring customers cheaply, which is why venture is extremely excited,” she says.