7 Millionaires Who Fell Off The Forbes 50-Richest-Africans List

Written by Dana Sanchez

Seven people from Forbes’ 2014 list of Africa’s 50 Richest fell off the list in 2015, so to speak.

“Poor” is a very strong word.

Stock drops, sinking oil prices and downward-facing currencies were among the culprits for some of Africa’s richest getting a little less rich, Forbes reports. In fact, even the wealthiest on the continent who are still on the list for 2015 lost a little — or a lot — relatively speaking.

In 2015, $330 million was the minimum net worth needed to make the Forbes list of Africa’s 50 Richest compared to $510 million in 2014.

Here are 7 African millionaires who fell off the Forbes 50-Richest-Africans list in 2015.

Sources: TheIndependent, Forbes.