Luxury On A Budget: See Mauritius Without Breaking The Bank

Luxury On A Budget: See Mauritius Without Breaking The Bank

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Luxury on a budget is not always a possibility in many parts of the world, with the lavish life inevitably costing too much for anyone who is on a budget.

Luxurious suites boasting round-the-clock personal butlers; secluded private beaches offering bespoke boat trips or massages on the sand; decadent meals served in white tablecloth surrounds – the archetypical Mauritian holiday is a lavish treat that’s out of reach for many travellers.

Luxury On A Budget

Indeed, Mauritius is awash with high-end hotels and honeymooners on once-in-a-lifetime jaunts, but there is more to the Indian Ocean island than all-inclusive resorts and private yacht charters.

But even though the exquisite island offers so much for the luxury traveller, it is also a place in which those who monitor their spending can enjoy a wonderful holiday sprinkled with the most luxurious of activities and enjoyment.

It is all about travelling armed with the knowledge that only seasoned travellers can provide, and prepared to make the most of opportunities that will not cost an arm and a leg.

Travelling on a budget is possible here and without sacrificing the very essence of what makes Mauritius so delicious – you just need to know where to eat, sleep and play.

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