3 African Countries Rank In Top 10 for ‘Ethical’ Travel

3 African Countries Rank In Top 10 for ‘Ethical’ Travel

Ghana, Cape Verde and Mauritius were named among the 10 most ethical destinations in the developing world on a list by the San Francisco-based non-profit, Ethical Traveler, according to a report in GhanaWeb.

Other countries that made the 2013 list of top 10 best ethical destinations in the developing world included Barbados, Costa Rica, Latvia, Lithuania, Palau, Samoa and Uruguay. The list came out in January.

Every year, Ethical Traveler reviews policies and practices of hundreds of nations in the developing world, then selects 10 that it considers are doing the most impressive job of promoting human rights, preserving the environment  and upholding civil society while creating a sustainable, community-based tourism industry, according to its  website. “By visiting these countries, we can use our economic power to support best practices,” the website says.

These 10 countries scored highest in three main areas: social welfare, measured by indicators such as child mortality rates, economic freedom and crime rates; environmental protection, measured by an academic index and share of protected area; and human rights, which includes press and political freedoms, the report said.

The Ghanian government said it plans to pursue an “aggressive promotion of Ghana and repackaging of the diverse tourism products for higher international and domestic patronage,” according to GhanaWeb. These include enhancing tourist sites, creating employment and generate revenue.